Who moved my Cheese?

What an awesome little book.  Takes less than an hour to read….a couple of reads to digest.  I have read it twice in the last few days.

Who am I, in the book?  And why didn’t I take good care of my Cheese.  What was my Cheese?  Do I have the courage to change direction….and the belief that my new and improved stock of Cheese is out there, waiting for me, in the scary Maze that is life?

What’s the Cheese? It’s what you want, what you cherish, what you have and how close you hold it to your heart.  * THE MORE IMPORTANT YOUR CHEESE IS TO YOU, THE MORE YOU WANT TO HOLD ON TO IT.  And defying all sense of self preservation, sometimes the Cheese is mouldy, old, decaying…we choose not to see this, we soldier on.  Despite all odds….the Cheese isn’t supposed to move, is it?

Sometimes we are lucky.  Sometimes we recognise the destructive pattern of looking after and hanging on to “old cheese”.  Sometimes we realise that * IF YOU DO NOT CHANGE, YOU CAN BECOME EXTINCT.  Yip, lose your self worth, your identity, your entire being.  Change is necessary.  Change is hard.

If we are able to recognise our own fear, our lack of faith, and ask ourselves * WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU WEREN’T AFRAID, we may recognise that our fears paralyse us….and are mostly unfounded.

narc set you free

When I decided to leave the Narc, that’s when my FEAR gripped my heart with a force that scared me more than the Narc-Fear itself.  It was frightening and took on a physical life inside of me.

I moved out with lead feet.  Like a robot.  I put one foot in front of the other dogmatically…..willing myself to see this through.  It wasn’t strength that spurred me on, it was some forgotten instinct of self preservation that kicked in.  I was in terrible trouble.  My body took over, my spirit had to follow…..

* SMELL THE CHEESE OFTEN, SO YOU KNOW WHEN IT’S GETTING OLD.  Ears and eyes wide open….nobody will serve me old and mouldy Cheese again.  My Cheese, my Choice, my Life.

Great little book.  Perhaps I will read it again tomorrow 🙂


* Quotes from this wonderful little book (used without permission, forgive me please Dr Spencer Johnson – you’re an awesome author).

Dr Spencer Johnson – Author – Who Moved My Cheese



3 thoughts on “Who moved my Cheese?

  1. Yes – YES – throw out the old Cheese. Imagine yourself finding new fresh Cheese, an abundance, all different kinds…..navigate the Maze….be fierce and fearless (listen to me, LOL…must be the heat affecting me on my corner of the planet)…but ja….we were all once fierce and fearless….we can have that again…..with NEW CHEESE ❤


  2. Fascinating…what you say about “my body took over”, it was exactly like that for me, when I left my narcissist! I was shut off emotionally, and my body just sort of removed itself from there… it must be the survival instinct in all of us. That is a great thing! 💜

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